The origin of Shen Natura

We want to share with you the origin of our name and of our logo.

In Chinese Shen means mind, spirit, will, vitality. Shen energy lives in the heart.

In Egyptian Shen means to wrap and it was formerly represented as eternal protection. As a symbol of a knotted ring it meant as well the unlimited, that with no end and no beginning.

The maple sheet symbolizes one of the hardest and more resistent trees. In our case it has an odd number of ends as in Chinese culture odd means open, giving, against even which means closed, receiving.

The circle around the sheet is the Taoist symbol for infinity. It is energy flowing and changing but not finishing, not running out.

Green colour symbolizes Nature, trees, open air. Black and white colours refer to yin and yang, balance, which is what we want to offer you from Shen Natura with our therapies.

Shen Natura = we offer you the chance of recovering your balance, reencountering your inner nature, placing yourself on your origin and restoring your inner peace.

Shen Natura Logo