Know our therapies

All our therapies are meant to make you feel well with your own self and thus one, some or all of them can be combined to achieve this purpose. These are millenary therapies, traditional ones, today named "alternate" ones, and their effects and results have been widely proven throughout the years. Side effects or harm are never caused whatsoever. Get to know them.


Our therapies (either on their own or combined) will affect positively on your health and your well-being with effects that will appear on a short or long term depending on your case. All of them will benefit you as follows: improvement of your mood, recovery of your posture, relaxation, improvement of your self-esteem, recovery of the appearance of your skin, reduction and even disappearance of muscular pains (due to the treatment of their origin and its eradication), disappearance of headache and migraine, balance of energy, recovery of hormonal balance, reduction of stress, reinforcement of the immune system, disappearance of anxiety, disappearance of phobia, disappearance of allergies, improvement of bone tissue, balance of nervous system, treatment of infertility, improvement of digestive system, disappearance of sleep disorder.

The benefits you will obtain can definitely be summarized in two words: holistic well-being.