Acupunture is a technique included in Chinese Traditional Medicine, and it is being applied since more than 3000 years ago. It is based on very thin needle insertion in specific points of the body.

We offer three kinds of acupuncture in Shen Natura:

Chinese Traditional Acupuncture

It consists on insertion and handling of thin needles in the body with the purpose of recovering the health and the well-being of the patient.

By the insertion of thin needles in specific points (called xue in Chinese, which means blood) of every meridian the disturbed energy of the organ ruling that meridian is balanced. The disruption can be caused by the influence of both external and internal elements and can lead into illnesses. In order to make a diagnosis a wide questionary is used together with noticing the pulse and the tongue.

This technique is used to treat a wide range of illnesses and diseases, getting visible results in a term depending on each case but always with no harmful side effects for the patient.

Natural Acupuncture

This kind of acupuncture is more focused on finding the emotional origin of the problem through the subconsciouses, reaching a wider range of pathological problems to treat. Its main base is diagnosis by the pulse.


The most common use of this king of acupuncture is for sportsmen and muscular treatments given its great effectivness in these cases. It is also beneficial for cellulite although that is not it's main use.

As on the previous cases it consists on insertion and handling of thin needles in different points of the body's meridians but in this case the needles are connectet to electrodes which cause light shocks.