Shiatsu Zen

Shiatsu is a manually therapy which means "pressure with the fingers" or "digipoint" and was born in Japan more than a hundred years ago. It has its roots in some exercises called Tao-Yinn originally from China, 530 a.C.

Shiatsu Masunaga Zen style offered by Shen Natura is based in the union of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Psichology, occidental Physiology and Energetic Channels, all of it combined with techniques such as Anma, Ampuku and Do in (Tao-Yinn).

The therapy is developed on a lying or stting position for them who receive it, who have to be dressed in comfortable clothes and completely relaxed, letting themselves be carried along by the therapist's professionalism and skills.

It consists of an energetic massage including pressures, fastenings, stretchings and vibrations. The handling and contact are non-invasive and are made with the thumbs, hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees and feet, and they affect positively the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the immune system, energy, flexibility and position of those who receive it. It mends malfunctioning of the body as well as it improves the health and it contributes to relieve some illnesses, among many other benefits.